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The game: Lost Chapters

СКАЧАТЬ (343.2 Kb) .pdf в закладки
On the previous page, you’ll see for the first time ever Neil’s initial cover for The Game – designed before the book was even near completion. I often wonder if the book would have had a different reception if this had been the cover.

The small and often uninformed decisions that an author and a publisher make determine the future of a book. A different approach to the cover, the title, the design, the sequence, the page count, or the content can create a completely different reading experience.

Often, Neil will spend a week trying to perfect a story or a chapter, only to discover that either it doesn’t actually help drive the story forward or it just doesn’t work. If it doesn’t, then it must be removed, even if it means that a week of writing has just gone down the drain. In the following pages, I’ve included a few of those cut scenes and chapters from Neil’s last two books: Rules Of The Game and The Game.

Enjoy these bonus tracks, and keep them to yourself. To quote Neil: “There’s a reason they weren’t in the books…”
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